Costa Rican migration legislature considers working or studying permits as Special Categories.

Special Categories have important subgroups to be aware of, based on the characteristics of the activities that the foreign person will carry on in Costa Rica.

Given these circumstances, before you present your request for a work or study permit it is important that you become familiar with the recommendations given by the Ministry of Labour, which you can find in the following links:

For more information please visit: (Spanish only)

6.Yellow Fever Vaccine

If you will be traveling to Costa Rica from South America and/or Sub-Saharan Africa you will need the YELLOW FEVER VACCINE. The countries considered at risk are:
Angola Cameroon Gabon Nigeria
Benin Colombia Gambia Peru
Bolivia Democratic Republic of the Congo Ghana Sierra Leone
Brazil Ecuador Guinea Sudan
Burkina Faso French Guiana Liberia Venezuela
You will be able to travel to Costa Rica ten days after you have received the shot.


  • Any individual travelling to Costa Rica who has been in transit through the countries in the list above, whether in airports, sea ports, or land borders, will be exempt from having to get the yellow fever vaccine.
  • People who have been in countries at risk and that have spent at least six days in a non-risk country without developing symptoms before entering Costa Rica, will be exempt from having to get the yellow fever vaccine.
  • In the case of people with contraindications for the Yellow Fever Vaccine and who are nationals of countries at risk, they will be exempt from having to get vaccine but will have to provide, before entering Costa Rican territory, a valid medical opinion supported by the health authority in the country from where they are from.
  • The Yellow Fever Vaccine will be mandatory for everyone except people with the following contraindications, typical in relation to said vaccine: people younger than 9 months, severe egg allergy, immunosuppression and thymic disease present or in their medical history.
  • There must be a medical assessment of the pros and cons of vaccination on people with the following conditions: over 60 years of age, pregnancy, lactation, family history of adverse events associated with the yellow fever vaccine, hypersensitivity to gelatin and asymptomatic HIV infection, with laboratory verification of adequate immune system function.
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